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        Scooter Rental Terms & Agreements

  • All riders must be 18 years of age. 16 years old must have parent consent.

  • All riders must have a valid I.D or driver license. $100 deposit will held on credit card/debit card until after return of vehicle and inspection. Riders are required to wear helmets for safety reasons.

  • If rental is returned late credit card/debit card will be charge for additional 30 minute session.

  •  ELECTRO RIDES will not rent to Anyone that is intoxicated or seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

  •  Riders are required to ride in bike lanes.

  •  All Renters must take a 15-minute instruction/ tutorial course and test ride before leaving premises.

  •  Renters must have some experience or will be denied renting.

  •  No reckless riding on sidewalks or grass. Person that rents a vehicle will be the only person allowed to operate the vehicle.

  •  Only one person allowed to ride a vehicle. Vehicles must be driven in safe/ respectful manner.

  • Renters are 100% responsible for their vehicle and all personal damages.

  • Renter must always properly secure vehicles.

  • Never leave vehicle unattended.

  • Lost or stolen key $80.00 Lost or stolen speaker $80.00

  • In consideration of renting an electric motorize vehicle to customers, the client herby waives all rights, claims, and actions against ELECTO RIDES in the rental. Costumer is fully responsibility for bodily injuries, property damage, death, medical or other financial loss.

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