About Electro Rides

My name is Darnell . Growing up most called me Buddy I was on born August 31,1977 in Cincinnati, Ohio! I graduate from Taft High School and went on to become a Licensed Barber . Growing up I was a very adventures child. I would always get up wee hours of the mornings get my bike to ride a couple blocks over to my friend’s house, to get them to come outside and ride bikes all over the city! I always had a passion for bikes and scooters. I remember there was times I would build a bike from old parts, I would sale or trade them.


Later in life all though I continue work in my profession, I never lost my passion for Scooters & Bikes! Little do you know to my surprise they added electric to Bikes & Scooters, and I fell in love! That was about 15 years ago! Since then, I been a full fledged electric vehicle enthusiast. I have a passion for ALL! Electric vehicles. I would constantly repair my own, buy my parts and go to work with little knowledge but great will to get it fixed. I ran into a lot of problems, which let me to multiple technicians and engineers that later became my friends, mentors and business partner. 5 Years later, I decide to follow my Dreams! And start my own business… Electro Rides

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